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sesiunea APCE: procese-verbale
AS (2012) CR 17
Provisional edition
(Second part)

Seventeenth Sitting
Thursday 26 April 2012 at 3.30 p.m.

1. The situation of internally displaced persons and returnees in the North Caucasus region

THE PRESIDENT – Thank you. Mr Kandelaki is not here, so I call Ms Guţu.

Ms GUŢU (Moldova) thanked the President for having visited Moldova and for his close involvement in the question of frozen conflicts. Such conflicts were a humanitarian matter but it was essential to consider the source of those disasters. That source was military aggression. The Russian Federation was one of the countries that had conducted military campaigns, and it was a matter of regret that a state that was represented in the Council of Europe should have done so.
Mr Grachev, the Russian defence minister responsible for the aggression in Transnistria in 1992 had also inflamed the Kazakhs and treated Moldova as a farmyard. Representatives of the Russian Federation had referred to such attitudes and talked of interference. Mr Grachev was now a special representative for the Russian President, but should be responsible for finding a solution to the first conflict in Transnistria..

It had, however, been said that Transnistria was a sovereign entity and that Russia would open a consulate there. Many lessons had been offered on the history of the region. The current Russian minster of defence had seen the 20 000 tons of arms located in Transnistria, but had said that they were not dangerous and had told officials that Russia was merely modernising its army. The first conflict remained to be resolved and Russia would need to ensure that it did not breach Moldovan borders. Instead, it should turn its attention to resolving the human rights situation in Chechnya. The report was a good response to these crucial questions.
THE PRESIDENT – Thank you. I call Mr Kalmár.

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