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sesiunea APCE: procese-verbale
In cadrul dezbaterilor şedinţei a XI a sesiunii de primăvară a APCE (23-27 apirlie 2012), au intervenit cu declaraţii dnii Voronin şi Ghileţchi, care au abordat subiectul ce ţine de retragerea licenţei postului de televiziune NIT.

(Second part)

Eleventh Sitting
Monday 23 April 2012 at 3 p.m.

2. Free debate
THE PRESIDENT – Thank you, Mr Kennedy. I now call Mr Voronin, who will speak on behalf of the Group of the Unified European Left.

Mr VORONIN (Republic of Moldova) noted that there had been significant changes in his country with recent presidential elections and changes to the electoral code. Over the past year work had been under way to revise the procedure for the election of the president. The majority of experts in Moldova were concerned about the situation; it was clear that the future would see a change in the dominating forces in the country.

Moldova was a member of various institutions within Europe. A new television channel had recently been launched that attracted 1 million viewers, and allowed the opposition voice to be heard. The President made use of European slogans and promoted European values. The situation was complicated, however, and three years after Europe integration a reduction in freedoms and the increasing impact of oligarch power were visible. Moldovan authorities were closing media channels and clear actions were needed to counter that tendency. The Council of Europe and European Union Parliament had to intervene in Moldova to overcome such problems.

THE PRESIDENT – Thank you, Mr Voronin. I now call Mr Ghiletchi, who will speak on behalf of the Group of the European People’s Party.

Mr GHILETCHI (Republic of Moldova) – Mr President, dear colleagues, it is rare to prepare a speech but then to put it aside and speak from the heart. My speech is about Moldova.

It is greatly encouraging to know that one of the first visits of our President was to my country. We appreciate what the Parliamentary Assembly is doing to support Moldova on its route to European integration. It is also rare for our full delegation to be here, including the leader of the opposition, His Excellency Mr Voronin. I thought that this was a good sign for our opposition to come back into parliament and to work together. Unfortunately, I am afraid that the reality is different. It is sad that the communist party did not participate in the election of our president.

I regret that the NIT TV channel had to be shut down, but allegations that the coalition government did it are false. On the recommendation of and at the request of the Council of Europe, the Moldovan Parliament, which at the time was led by a communist majority, passed a law to form a public body with the authority to monitor and oversee broadcasting in Moldova, so the decision was made by the co-ordinating council of audio-visual. As we know, democracy means the rule of law; it is not the rule of a party or rule by the mass media. Anyone who lives in a democratic society must play by the rules and have a chance to go to court and prove something otherwise. I want to assure the Assembly that the Government of Moldova will do its best to respect the core values of the Council of Europe.

NIT TV was warned a number of times and was fined, but unfortunately there was no improvement, so a decision was taken. We know that Moldova is being monitored. Rapporteurs can come to the country and check the situation for themselves. We will provide all the information which is required, and we would like to assure the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that we will do our best to respect its core values, including respect for the freedom of the mass media. It is interesting to note that even the free Union of Journalists in Moldova has accepted the decision of the broadcasting co-ordination council, saying that that was what was needed to uphold the law in our country.

Once again, I thank you for your support and I assure you that Moldova will do its best to uphold the core values of the Council of Europe.

THE PRESIDENT (Translation) – Thank you, Mr Ghiletchi. The next speaker is Mr Popescu.
©2011, Moldova Europeana
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